Sunday, March 30, 2008

Memories of Childhood..

I can feel the rain
Gently sprinkling on my face
The rain is calm and peaceful
I take a deep breath
..And inhale memories of childhood
..Playing in the rain
Splashing in every puddle
..The faint scent of wet rocks..
I would hold them in my hands
And savor that blessed smell

I wiggle my nose, in an attempt to keep ii warm
Brrr... I love the cold

I start to slowly twirl
My arms, reaching out
I tilt back my head
And stick out my tongue
I want to catch the rain
..Feel that familiar coolness on my tongue

I laugh, as I fall back, into the grass
I stare up at the sky..
I see a dragon
Floating on his way...
A dog.. Barking from the heavens

I can see one big cloud,
Brighter than all the rest
Lit up, by the hiding sun
I look at it for a moment, and think..
"I imagine that is heaven.."
I wonder what it's like..
Maybe that was Jesus' dog, barking...
I hope he's a nice dog..

I suddenly realize I'm laying...
...In a puddle of mud.
This makes me smile.
I feel all "Gooey".. and happy.
The thick mud slowly slips through my fingers,
As I begin to coat my feet with it..
They look like Indian feet, now..

I reach for more mud..
And smear thick stripes on my face
I find a dandelion
and place it behind my ear.
I am an Indian princess..
..My long hair, flowing in the wind..
I feel like the most beautiful girl
In the world.
I don't care what anyone else says..
I will be who I WISH to be..
...And as I sit and think..
I realize that I wish..
To be none other than