Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crossroads No More

For the past few days, I've been throwing myself a party.
Sadly, it has been a pity fest. I was quite consciously allowing myself to go downhill.
Then.. I logged on to my blogger account (so I could catch up on the daily writings of those around me), and was reminded of my new recovery blog. I noticed something.. I made it a  recovery  blog. I could have just made it a general 'eating disorder stuff' blog, but I didn't. I chose not to.

  I subconsciously decided that recovery from my ED was more important than my ED itself. I didn't WANT to write about it, I wanted to write about getting rid of it. Deep inside of me- although it's hard for even me to see at times- I want recovery. To my very core, the very essence of Mary Lynn, this is what I want.

I have already chosen my destination.
I've chosen the path of love, the path of peace inside of myself..

I have made the decision to live.