Friday, September 26, 2008

Third Grade

So I've been trying to organize this place a bit better within the past few weeks. Upon closer inspection of an unlabeled box, I found that it was full of written papers, pictures, certificates, and awards from my elementary school days.
I found one that I particularly like (after fifteen minutes of trying to decipher what it says). Just thought I'd share!
Here it is (and I'm keeping the off grammar, spelling, and random use of caps!)
It seems I was trying to figure out cursive writing, and didn't know how to do some letters in caps, and vice versa.. ;)
Mary Lynn
Very flexable, Shy, Helpful
Daughter of Sherie and Steven
lover of family, friends, and Cat's
who feels Happy, excited, and Scared
who needs Challenges, Sleep, and love.
who gives love, fun, and Understandindg
who fears Dogs, Small places, and People I now Dieing.
who hopes for money →Happiness, always Being a Kid, no Homelessnes
who enjoys going to Utah lake, Duck creek and SPending time wiTh My family
Resident of Magna, Utah

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

His Love

There's so much that I think
And so much that I feel
It's hard to understand
How all of this is real

A smile from every laugh
A frown from every tear
I don't know which I've benefited
From most this year

There've been nights that I have mourned
Nights that I have cried..
But the feelings I've felt,
These feelings deep inside

They remind me who I am
And remind me why I fight
For at the end of each dark tunnel
There is a light.

If I set aside my pain
And put aside my sorrow,
There's a lesson to be learned
Which will help with life tomorrow.

There's always a battle to be fought
And always a struggle to be won
But if we turn to the light..
We'll find The Son.

If we give Him our whole hearts
And reach with all our might
He'll embrace us in His arms
And forever hold us tight.

There's so much that I think
And so much that I feel
So I turn to He, who loves me
And know my happiness is real.

Now I know which I've benefited from most this year
It's the times that have been hard
The times that without Him
My life would have been left scarred

I know His love is real
I know His words are true
And if you turn to Him
He will gladly comfort you.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Setting things straight..

It was brought to my attention that my last post (which I have now deleted) was bringing up some controversy. I just wanted to say I in no way meant to make my mother seem like the "bad guy".
My mother is a wonderful person and an amazing mother- and I love her very much.
I do not agree with the way she handles some situations, but people deal with situations in different manners. She is a mother, I am her daughter. Of COURSE we aren't going to agree on things! It's a fact of life :)

I was simply meaning to express my own feelings about a situation which I feel quite strongly about, not to impose negative speculation on anyone. For this, I apologize.

While my mother and I are very different people, she is definitely an amazing woman and mother.

I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I shiver beneath my blankets
I tighten them around me
My eyes closed tight
I cannot get to sleep
My mind refuses to stop thinking
My heart refuses to stop crying
I feel sick, as I often do
I am cold.. So very cold..
I feel it all throughout me
But my blankets are warm
And the heat's turned up
..Yet I still shiver here

Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog, Blog, Blog!

I just wanted to let everyone know that Faith Anne (My youngest sister) now has her own blog! She is just starting out, but she would LOVE people to read and comment!
It is very cute.
Check it out:

in other news, I just wanted to mention something funny that we noticed today..

You see, our calender ran out of pages. Yes, July was the last month it had!
So, being the creative folks we are, we made the cardboard back of the calender into the month of August.. Which worked GREAT until it was suddenly September..
So, my mother created and printed off September, October, and November calender pages, stapled them together, and pasted them to the remains of the cardboard.

Today, as we are trying to figure out how long until certain events, we realize something..
Oh, yes.
Our mother, a Kindergarten teacher
Put the months together in the WRONG order.

I wouldn't worry about it too much though. It's not like she has to teach it to 45 5&6 year olds or anything...

Sorry to break the news, mom-
But October comes BEFORE November.

Friday, September 5, 2008


How sad it would be
If a bird didn't fly
Though given wings,
it just never tried

Because of the fear
of falling from grace
It stayed on the ground,
A cat's prey, making waste

The bird was created
with wings to fly high
Oh, how often we're like
a bird who won't fly

Afraid of our place,
Of falling from grace

Our wings are the trials
God has given to us
That we might fly high
And in Him, place our trust.

Christ is the wind
Beneath our frail wings
That he may carry us
Through even all things

So many dreams buried,
Talents covered by sand
Because of the fear
Of rejection by man

And though sometimes we wonder
Why he puts us through pain
If we spread out our wings
We'll see what we've gained

Love makes a promise
If we give it our all-
If by faith we believe
He will never let us fall.

This fight gives us flight
This fight makes us strong
This fight gives us power
To know where we belong

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wearing a Smile

She smiles so sweetly
To hide the fear
To hide the pain
That's always near

Her stomach aches
From being sad
She wants to stop
Feeling so bad

She wishes the world
Were a happier place
That way she could put
A smile on her face

Will no one notice
The pain that's inside
Can no one see
How much she's cried?

Wanting to feel free
Wanting to be happy
Tired of pretending that
There is no misery

What will it take
For people to know
It's actually fake-
The smile that she shows

She has the world fooled
Thinking she's pleased
With how her life's going
They can be so naive

But someone will see
..Someday soon..
And notice that there
Is no bright moon

To light up her misery
To fade away pain
Make her really smile
Just one time, again