Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't ask.. ;)

In a previous post I mentioned how I was very upset about my little pink card holder being stolen at a health fair where my JT girls performed. My mother had given it to me for my nineteenth birthday, and my initials were engraved on it. I loved it, and it was seemingly lost forever. Well a few weeks ago, I got a voice mail from the SouthTowne Mall Security, stating they had a small 'purse' belonging to a MaryLynn Bennett, and that they've had it for a few month- if it wasn't picked up within ten days, the contents would be destroyed. OMG!!! I'm so bemused. I forget EVERYTHING! I left it at a store, probably Wet Seal. Haha, I rock at this. Anyway, I've reconnected to my beautiful Card holder!! I'm so happy! Thar' she blows!:

In other news, my kitty Alecia is HILARIOUS! She always has to be the center of attention. If we are trying to get something done, she will undoubtedly sit right in the middle of what you're doing. Its hard to play board games, because she decides that right in the middle of the game is the optimal place to sit and begin licking her butt. Good kitty. I have a couple examples of it for you:

Faith Anne was doing homework, and needed the rest of it from the bin.. Alecia had other plans.

And here we have Elisabeth drawing a large picture.. Or attempting to, at least!

She's definitely a hilarious kitty!

My next random thought- Sometimes I miss my beautiful long hair.

...But I still love it short!!!

I'm going to be late for my therapy appointment, better jet!!
I all too conveniently have a picture of my therapist and me on the desktop, so here we are:


Saturday, July 25, 2009


It's raining outside. Do you ever just want to go outside in the rain... and just lay there on the sidewalk? I do. Especially in the night, when it's only me and the world. It's so calming, so serene. It just makes me want to smile and breath the whole world in. It makes me stop and think about beauty- every kind. ...Which, as always, reminds me of part of a song.. "When you see, see the beauty- all around and in yourself". That's what I do in the rain. I see beauty.
I love rain.

Now on to reality- I've been feeling overwhelmed a bit. I'm ready to stop being sick now, thanks! Can't I catch a single break here? I mean COME ON. What genius was put in charge of my health and messed up so badly?? Okay, so some of that may or may not be my fault (ED-related), but the REST of it...

So I sit at home, doing nothing. Being nothing. No job. No school. No anything. I suppose it's a good thing I haven't had a job the past few months, since I've been so sick and had so many doctors apts, I probably would've been fired by now. Still, I can't really feel like a good person if all I'm doing is sitting like a bump on a log, not contributing to our society. I want to do something now. I want to be someone.

I'm going for a great job right now though, hoping I have a chance of getting it. It's a phlebotomy job, and on the same week as Alex. I hope I get it so badly! I love drawing blood, I really want to do this. Also, I'm trying to get in the nursing program at SLCC! I've always wanted to be a nurse- I'd like to do pediatric oncology or be a psychiatric nurse. Eventually :)

In other news, I've been doing fairly well in this whole recovery thing. It's really amazing what a difference a dietitian can make! Seriously, she's so great :)
I'm being a good kid and following our meal plan :) It gives me so much energy!!
I think a lot of the reason I'm doing so much better is my Alex. He's such an amazing support for me. He even comes to my apts with Elena (my dietitian) to help me out. He really is a great guy, I'm lucky to have him :)
We're a great match. I think we're going on five months, but you'd have to ask him. He's programmed it into his phone. CUTE, huh? Yep.

Last weekend I had a great time at Bear Lake. We (and by we, I mean Gary) have a cabin up in Bear Lake West. It's a huge one, three floors! It's placed perfectly on the mountain for an amazing view of the lake. Not too far from it, either. I was able to go up with my family- My big sis, her boyfriend/my step brother (Long story.. INCEST!! I swear I'm not related. It's disgusting),my younger bro (I have to say younger, because he's definitely taller than I!), my 'younger' sis (Again.. Taller than I at only 14!), my (other) little sis, my freaking DAD (Who was here for a few days from Boston! Yeah!), My mother, Her BF Gary, My Best friend Ashley, And my boyfriend Alex. What a great part-ay!! It was so much fun- especially at the beach!! And it was a 4 hour road trip to (and from!) the cabin with just Alex, Ashley & me! Fun stuff :)

Here are a few pictures of our great adventures!
There are a good few, so bear with me!

On our way to the beach!
*Click for the full picture.. It cuts off!*

Another taken on the way to the beach :)

We're in Idaho and Utah at the same time!! If we break the Idaho beach rules.. We'll just run back to Utah!!
*Click for the full picture.. It cuts off!*

My lover boy and me. lol ;)

Leelou said to sexy it up. So we did ;)

And there they are, hanging at the beach
*Click for the full picture.. It cuts off!*

Venturing into the unknown..
*Click for the full picture.. It cuts off!*

It was cold! You can't make me get out! Alex was brave enough to.
*Click for the full picture.. It cuts off!*

Even mother got in for a bit :)

It wasn't the best sand in the world, but we managed..

My gorgeous younger sister.

My best friend, Ashley.

I think I did well. For clarification, those are shells covering!!
*Click for the full picture.. It cuts off!*

"The couple from the black lagoon!"

His beard is in good form here.
*Click for the full picture.. It cuts off!*

My mother and eldest sister :)

My mamma is so beautiful!
*Click for the full picture.. It cuts off!*

My dad & siblings at the cabin

Our castle kingdom.

My model sis.

My dad and my mothers boyfriend :)

& Last, but not least- The family on a hike. I was feeling sick the whole weekend, so Alex stayed behind with me. Ashie took the picture :)

That's all, folks!! Leave comments, they make me happy ;)