Tuesday, March 22, 2011

DI Deals & Creativity!

Recently I've been hitting up DI, and lovin' it! I got the most adorable dress for like $6 the other day. I just HAVE to show it off!! Here we go..

The dress:

A closer look:

Being a cellist myself, I am absolutely in LOVE with this. It just screams MaryLynn!

A cute shirt I got for $3:

A closer look:
Cute, huh? I actually bought it for the material (reasons below), but was pleasantly surprised when I got home and realized it was my size. It was just meant to be! :)

  I've also decided to start making things! I'm getting plain shirts/onesies (I have a LOT of friends who are having babies soon), and making them super cute! Here are my first attempts at sewing/ making things on them.. They aren't perfect, but I'm just a beginner! You'll get over it. ;)

Sorry, I couldn't get this one rotated for the life of me! Even on iPhoto.. It would look like it was right, but kept uploading sideways! I finally just gave up on this one.

On this one I stitched the name of the little girl I made it for- Zoe. It was SO adorable, totally made the shirt. It was on the back, on the bottom right corner.. Sadly, I took this pic before finishing it, and forgot to take a pic of it finished.

Okay, so maybe none of my friends are having girls, but girl clothes are so cute! I couldn't resist. Someone's gotta have a little girl sometime!

For a woman at work who just had her little boy!

..And my favorite by a long shot, though simple as it may look (it wasn't).

Edit: My favorite one (above) was made for a baby my dietitian/friend was expecting..
Baby Cole Dee Addley was born March 29, 2011!
I suggested the name Cole.. She loved it! I totally named a baby. ;)


Anonymous said...

I love that first dress! I can't believe you got it for so cheap.
Hey do you have a formspring account? I really relate to you and have so many questions for you but I am too shy to do so publicly. :S

Mary Lynn said...

I did make one a long time ago, but I've not really used it much. I'll try to remember! It's MaryLynnBee

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