Saturday, June 18, 2011

First (& hopefully last) experience in a bar..

So I just walked 10 blocks at 1:30am in my pajamas and robe to get some people to stop with their obnoxious drumming. Turns out it wasn't just some stupid person who decided to play drums in the middle of the night, but a WHOLE BAR of stupid people blasting it in the middle of the night. It was some huge bar night at a golfing range, with music BLASTING, and drummers playing as loud as they possibly could.. Not even exaggerating. I swear when men are drunk they can play louder (not to mention WORSE) than otherwise possible.. UGH.

Needless to say, after speaking to a few gentlemen (who were upset I wasn't the stripper, but then pointed me in the right direction anyway) I walked to the main bar and kicked some butt. I went in and demand to speak to the persons in charge of the place. After they got him, I promptly gave him a piece of my mind. And after a short (but lively) debate, he made the drummers cut it out, since it was higher than he thought was legal anyway. I then had to walk the 10 blocks BACK to my house, still in my PJs of course. I got a lot of weird looks from some even weirder people, though a nice policeman stopped to see if I was alright (though I suspect he was actually checking if I was insane or not, walking about in my PJs on main street. I used my acting skills and pretended to be sane.. :P ).
I just google mapped that route. In all, I walked 2.6 miles. At 1:30am. In my PJs. Did I mention I'm sick? It hurts my throat just to swallow my own spit, so you can imagine what it was like to try to speak to those guys. Mr. Thermometer says I currently have a temp of 101.3. I mean, it's not TERRIBLY high, but it's not terribly low, either. My head hurts, and it's almost 3am now.. I think I'm heading back to bed now.
What an interesting night it's been.


Jane said...

I think you are absolutely hilarous!!! I could totally picture this happening. It actually sounds like something I would do!!! I don't blame you one bit! I think it's wild that you did what you had to do (you go girl!) and I think the fact that the cops had to approach you to ask you if you were alright... well that's funny because I know people who have been sent to hospital because they were out in the streets in their pajamas. Too funny. You made my day. :) I really hope you're feeling better though!!!

Belinda said...

If only all the people in the area knew what you went through, in order to get some sleep, I think they would applaud you :)
- well, now you get one all the way from Denmark ;)

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