Wednesday, July 9, 2014

One month

Oh my goodness, I haven't posted in like FOREVER! Okay, so here's just the last MONTH of life:
My mom got married!! AND sold my childhood home (not loving that part). AANNDD she, Faith, and Dave (her new HUSBAND) moved to Bountiful! It's been so crazy and hectic! And Faith Anne went to Boston with our dad and Elisabeth for the summer! And.. school's out! I miss my kids so so much!! I'm working at a low income school for the summer program (which ends tomorrow! Oh no!), and it's been very challenging. Most of my students are refugees from different countries. I have students from Somalia, Ethiopia, India, Afghanistan, China, and then three from Mexico. I don't have any white kids, lol! Most of them are sufficient in English, but I have two who know almost nothing. One is a quiet but VERY stubborn boy from China (who likes to hit), and the most challenging is the little girl from Afghanistan. She knows her alphabet & can count pretty high. Other than that, she only knows a few words. She can say water, bathroom, shut up, hit, mean, go, good, teacher, class, me, you, no, sit, stop, okay, and a few body parts. Other than that, nothing- though she's very good at mimicking, which is a great skill when you're learning a language! Anyway.. The communication barrier makes doing everything SO difficult! Oh, and just because she knows the words "no," and "stop," doesn't means she cares that I'm saying them to her.
I just applied for another job working with kids at a daycare near Liberty Park. I'm excited, the schedule would work perfectly around working at the school, and I really need the extra income! Anyway, life over here feels pretty crazy right now. I'm just glad I have a therapist! Hehe!

Loves! MaryLynn


Travis Goodsell said...

I don't believe I know anyone who loves children as much as you do. What a special person you are.

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